A Vodka Induced “Fairy-tale”

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As he sat across the table crying in front of me (yes literally crying…not just welling tears), I offered him my napkin and thought to myself, “I wonder if anyone else has experienced this on a first date?” Immediately followed by… “I hope I don’t need that napkin later…these pancakes could get messy.”

As I continued eating (I was over being polite), I tried to decide if this was mayhaps the most awkward moment I had ever experienced on a date. Via phone/text messaging Bryan had seemed like a normal, average guy and yet here he was having an emotional outburst 30 minutes after saying hello in his southern accent. Definitely a new record I imagined (or at least a personal best).

As Bryan told me about his high school friend who had passed away five months ago (whom he had barely seen in the last six years) I

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