My Heart is ‘Love’s Eternal Optimist’ but My Head just thinks…SEX

P.S. Please Don't Be a Serial Killer

Whether you’re a lover or a fighter, a romantic or a realist, or even a sadist versus a masochist, it’s still February 14th. Valentines Day can be filled with whatever you choose; chocolates, flowers, an incredible amount of self-loathing, or my personal favorite…multiple orgasms. It’s a day for singles to buy themselves something pretty, a day for dating couples to feel awkward, and a chance for married people to look at each other with just a tad bit more appreciation because their spouse is the root cause for a no-stress environment today.

No matter how you’re spending these heart luscious hours, I hope you’ll remember why love is so important. Whether it’s self love, love for another, or just love for your dog…remember that The Beatles said it best-All You Need Is Love! Here’s one of my favorite posts from last year to get your brain pumping full of oxytocin.

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