Lollipops and Candles

We were sweaty, and loving it. It was the kind of sex everyone dreams about really. Cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy, sideways, missionary, that position where your knee-caps are touching your ears…god he was good. But then again, so was I. 😉


Sex with The Psychopath  was always dirty and provided multiple orgasms, but today would end in tears of laughter.

After my fifth orgasm, Jason collapsed onto the bed breathing heavily.

 “Your turn,” he directed.

Grabbing his dick I licked it like a lollipop. 


I then quickly sat up to straddle his hips. Slowly sitting down on top of him, welcoming every sensation my body could handle.

“I want you to cum again for me,” he added.

Following his direction I closed my eyes and started rolling my hips.

The pressure began to build…the room went dark. My head was spinning, and I’m sure I was making noises that frightened the neighbors.

Jason loved to watch me “let go.” He could always tell when I was over thinking. But thankfully with him I didn’t have to put much thought into anything, I just followed my body.

Due to the repetitive rolling of my hips, my temperature began to rise, my legs became weak, and my hands were roaming around from my face down to my stomach.

 Jason licked his right thumb and began rubbing my clit.


 Suddenly I had the urge to move faster. With my palms on his chest I began to roll my hips back and forth, moving my ass up and down simultaneously. …the move he had taught me. Balance was difficult to keep though because after forty-five minutes of fucking your body is exhausted.

His eyes began to roll into the back of his head and I knew we were both close. He placed his hands on my ass moving it up and down harder.

Closing my eyes once more I lost myself. Nothing around me existed. I was one big ball of ecstasy. I could hear Jason’s excitement as he realized my cum was all over him, and he let go as well.

Falling over onto the other side of the bed we looked at each other and smiled. Our chests rising and falling in time to one another’s…our hearts racing from the latest mind-blowing ride.

 Have you ever been there? Have you ever been so engrossed in a sensation that you forget everything else in your life? My body was warm and my skin was sticky. The room smelled like body parts and sex.

(You’re welcome Yankee Candle. I just gave you a million dollar idea for your next scent)

 After a few moments, dehydration set in and my mouth felt like a 90 year old’s vagina without lube. I sat up, threw my legs over the edge of the bed placing my feet on the floor. My head felt a little fuzzy, but I stood and slowly placed one foot in front of the other. I took one, two, three steps and….


 “Ow!” I shouted. “What…what just happened?” My hand automatically reached up to a suddenly sore spot on my head.

Jason sat up cackling. I glanced over and saw his arm across his stomach from the pain of laughter.

 “Oh my god,” he said. “You just ran into the fucking wall.”

Looking up, I suddenly realized why I now had a knot on my forehead. I had apparently lapsed into an orgasmic coma and walking proved to be too difficult a task. Laughter erupted and I fell backwards, bare assed onto the carpet floor. As I sat there in awe of what had just happened, Jason fetched our water.

Clearly my body was not going to cooperate any time soon.


82 thoughts on “Lollipops and Candles

  1. That was a hell of a thing to read just out of bed with my morning coffee. Jesus…that acrobatic sex has been such a rare thing for me. It’s happened, but it was never something that occurred on a regular basis. This makes me feel like I missed out on something important.

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  2. That is awesome 🙂

    Now I remember to not try to go anywhere after an orgasm like that. And I always bring a glass bottle of water for each bedside for just such emergencies.

    I opened my door last night to the winter because my room was sex smell hot boxed…

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  3. Was too busy drinking my ass off and playing Cards Against Humanity and I miss out on this fun steamy session.

    UVM yes you do give off a ‘scent’ after sex…we discussed this during over the course of the afternoon while drinking. Women can indeed pick it up…and like J said it makes you feel “naughty”. I handled 4 women over the course of several months and the confidence/manliness I apparently gave off would drive any of them wild. I dont know how it worked but it just did.

    Damn you J for giving me such large shoes to fill 😉

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      • Very disappointing! Every day that an uninhibited single girl forgoes great sex is a day of pleasure that is lost forever for both yourself and some sex-starved man/men (or woman/women). It isn’t as if sex has a high cost, now that birth control & STD protection is pretty effective. OK, maybe sex costs you time and energy, but you can get more energy from eating more (another bonus) and a quickie can do in a time crunch. I just don’t see the downside of having more sex, so get your butt out there! It isn’t as though horny men are hard to find. OK, maybe the best performers are, but that’s only because people are just too repressed to discuss casual sex openly (not talking about you, JBlondie). Why isn’t there an app where girls can rate their sexual partners’ performance? Sure, if you give a guy a great rating, other chicks may line up to snag him, so don’t rate him until he’s gone. Psychopath: Rated AAA by JBlondie in stamina, creativity, and multiple orgasms! Problem solved. You just get on your app, find an available AAA guy and bam! Oh yeah, you need to rate them on the Serial Killer / Stalker scale too just to make sure you don’t get into someone you’ll regret. Am I making any sense? Don’t you know there is a shortage of female sex partners? It’s partly your fault that men end up going to prostitutes! 😉

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      • Errrrr you did notice we are talking about ‘great sex’? didn’t you? Anyone can find a root. But most of the time I’d rather my vibrator than some random I have no connection with. For me, great sex is more than rubbing bits together.
        But each to their own.
        There was an ap in Australia where men rated women’s sexual performance for a while and it was an awful and humilitaing thing, not so sure we want to repeat that for the blokes.

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      • Point very well taken, but I do think there are plenty of opportunities out there for great sex. How to find it is the trick. I see a billion dollar matchmaking opportunity if someone can figure it out!

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  4. Damn girl, now I can’t read your blog at work! Too distracting … and not corporate friendly! So, is the psychopath back or are you just daydreaming of the good times? Keep it up and your blog will start getting more attention than you may have expected!


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