Coffee Shop Talk

It was snowing that night. If you had been standing outside on the sidewalk it would’ve been easy to peer in from the window and see them. They were sitting across from one another at a booth in an unknown coffee shop, on an unknown street, in an unknown city.

If you knew her at all, you would be able to tell from her face she had never been happier. And you could have deciphered that she was enthralled in telling him a story. As the words flew from her lips at a ridiculous rate she smiled. It wasn’t a forced smile, or an everyday smile, but a smile just for him.

Moving your eyes across the table, you could’ve seen him listening intently. His neck stretched as far as his shoulders would allow, for he refused to miss a single syllable coming out of her mouth. His face was one of contentment, and as he gently smiled at her, you suddenly longed to hear what she was saying.

Her smile widened, and she began moving her hands in the air. He spoke, and she nodded her head yes. They both erupted into a laughter you could almost hear through the windowpane.

The waitress came over and filled their coffee, placing the check in front of him. He handed over the money and said something to the blonde across the table. She laughed to herself.

Exiting the restaurant he took her hand and placed it around his arm. She looked up at him and softly smiled. They were in love. It would have been evident to anyone who crossed their path.

No man has ever made her feel important. She’s used to being brushed aside and forgotten. She’s used to listening, and responding politely. And she’s become accustomed to asking questions, without any mutual interest shown in return.

But that’s all he thinks about. He asks her how her day was not to be courteous, but out of genuine curiosity. He wants to know if she’s ok. He wants to make sure she’s happy. And if she’s not, he wants to know how to change it. He can’t get enough of her. The light in her eyes when she talks about the things she loves in life is one he has never encountered before.

“No one has ever taken the time to really see her,” he thinks to himself. Suddenly, he feels compelled to keep her a secret.

Passing in front of you that night, her voice led into a question. As he began to laugh, they crossed the street and disappeared into the dark. You wonder where they’re headed.

They’re going home. He’s going to help her take off her coat once inside the door, then remove his own. He’ll ask her to sit with him on the couch for a while and they’ll talk to one another how lovers do. Even though it’s been a year since they’ve met, they still keep each other up at night. Just talking in the dark.

He finally kisses her and she removes her top. He helps her take off her skirt, and she undresses him in return. He lays her down on the floor, and then brushes her bangs softly from her face. After kissing her, he looks her in the eyes and asks her a question he already knows the answer to.

 “Do you love me?”

“Forever and then some,” she answers.

That’s how she’s always answered him when asked that question. It’s how she will answer him until she takes her last breath.

Waking up from that dream was a painful experience. I wanted to stay in the cocoon offered by my REM cycle for as long as possible. It’s taken a year of dating and seven months of writing, but I’ve finally pinpointed my number one need in a relationship.

Everyday I am overrun by an intake of information. Asking questions, helping people discover how they think and why is the main focus of my job. I realized a long time ago most individuals don’t want you to provide the answer, they’re just asking you to show interest in helping to find it.

The dream signified what I’m longing for at the end of my day. I’m hoping to find someone who is genuinely interested in me. Someone who notices my passion and craves for me to express it. A man who sees my wall, and has patience while I find my footing to climb over to his side. He’ll be waiting to hear about the boring nuances my Tuesday had to offer. Just as I would want to know what he ate for lunch, or if that new coworker annoyed him like always, I would want him to ask about what type of work I mostly dealt with that day, or if I had accomplished everything on my to-do list. Rather then his eyes glazing over, he would only display sheer interest in how my story turned out.

Most people tell me I’m looking for something that doesn’t exist, or what I desire is something that cannot be found. …that I have this perfect idea of love in my head which nothing will ever compare to. And to that I have finally found my response.

We are all searching for something. I am searching for a “no questions asked,” type of love, a love that will only enhance my excitement for this life. But above everything else…I am simply searching to be heard.

What are you searching for?


22 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Talk

    • I don’t know KitKat. I think we’re all looking for different things. I think someone showing interest in us is something we all love, but I don’t think it’s what all of us are searching for on a basic level. I’ve met people who are searching for a family, or looking for someone to support their dreams. I’ve encountered people who are looking for stability, or some who just need some fun in their lives. Of course all of these things combined make for a great relationship, but what is your CORE need? What is the one things you’re hoping to find above all else?

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  1. I have to agree with Kittykat above. I think that’s what we all want. And maybe it’s sustainable. I’ve heard that relationships that are growing tend to be the healthiest. And it seems like all of those things we want would be contained in growing relationships.

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    • Absolutely. Growing together is always a must. I responded to Kittykat so I’ll just say, of course we’re all looking for someone to take an interest in us and listen, but I think we all have different CORE needs. Sure someone else wants their partner to listen to them, but really what they’re wanting more then anything else is a family to fill their home, or they may looking for someone who brings fun into their life. Each of things combined and so much more create a solid relationship, but I also tend to think each one of us needs something MORE then anything else.


  2. I am searching for similar things to all of the comments above but my one thing is ACTION! And by this i mean someone that actually does what they say they will. From that comes respect and love and trust, all things my previous relationships have been lacking as you can only last so long on words. I already find it difficult to believe that its something i will be able to find but there is always hope.

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    • I love that Micky! Yes I feel the same way. Actions speak so much LOUDER than words. Too often we find empty words and not enough follow through. I hope you find someone who’s willing to SHOW you what you mean to them.

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