My Most Favorite Date….

It was raining the second time I saw Ollie. As I crossed the street to meet him mother-nature decided to be a cruel bitch causing a gust of wind to catch the skirt of my red dress.

“Thank god I remembered to wear underwear,” I thought to myself.

Hello bumper to bumper traffic. Did you enjoy the Free Thong Show just now?

 Squealing slightly I began to run faster towards him in my nude heels. I had tried my best to appear effortlessly graceful, but alas, there I was in front of the restaurant with damp hair, wet feet, and a nervous smile. Also, per usual, I was twenty minutes late. Ollie didn’t seem to mind though.

The Racist and I were still meeting up on rare occasions…but my heart. My heart was ready to beat again. After a few dating mishaps, I received a message from Ollie on Plenty of Freaks. I was almost at a giving up point, but Ollie’s message changed my mind. We exchanged numbers, and had met for dinner and a movie for our first date.

The first time I saw Ollie was also the first time I truly knew the meaning of Deja Vu. Walking up to him was so familiar to me. It was as if I had known him from somewhere else. So much so, that my defenses immediately came down and I was able to just be myself. It was so refreshing.

Now here we were, one week later, and I was doing my best to remain calm. My hopes have a tendency to resemble balloons when accidentally released into the clouds. They rise too quickly and are soon popped.

Closing my umbrella I looked up into his eyes. …god his fucking eyes. They made me want to dive into him. They were light green pools of wonderful with thick eye lashes to hold onto as I swam around exploring. They seemed to sparkle when I spoke to him. Literally sparkle. They were fucking magic.

Before I could ramble out an apology for being so late, he pulled me in towards him lightly touching his lips to mine. I felt weightless. For the first time in a long time my body was floating above ground. My emotions had returned and it felt so delicious.

As I backed away I reminded myself to breathe.

 “Are you ready to play a game?” Ollie asked.

With a giant smile and exaggerated head nod I quietly answered, “yes.” I couldn’t hold back my excitement. Ollie had been building up the surprise all week.

We had agreed to meet at a Spanish Restaurant I had never been to, but Ollie had been planning something in addition to dinner as well.

 “It was clear from our first date that we have some of the best verbal communication two people could have with each other. So I thought tonight we should evaluate our non-verbal communication skills.”

 Ollie clearly knew how to peak my interest.

 “I’m listening…” I nodded.

“So the challenge is…we cannot speak during dinner. We cannot say anything until the entree arrives.” “Do you accept this challenge?” He inquired nervously.

Without a second of hesitation I exclaimed, “yes!” His originality was impressive, and while I was apprehensive of how this would work, I couldn’t have been more excited.

 “Then game on,” Ollie whispered as we entered the restaurant.

Inside there was music playing, and it seemed as if the entire place was covered in wall to wall red. I was thankful to be out of the cold rain, but as the hostess showed us to our seats I suddenly realized I was not allowed to thank her for leading us to the table. Rather I looked her in the eyes and simply smiled. When she asked us if the table choice was ok, I nodded profusely giving her a big, toothy grin. Ollie was already causing me to adventure outside of my shell. I loved it.

The waiter came and of course both of us pointed to our drink and entree selections. As soon as the waiter left, Ollie whipped out a stack of note cards.

Wow! He had actually prepared something for me. I felt humbled in that moment. “Maybe he’s just as excited as I am,” I thought to myself. However, I noticed my guards were still at attention when the sudden reassurance was quickly silenced by “I wonder how many other women he’s done this with.”

 The after effects of my Catfish were beginning to reveal themselves…

 On each of Ollie’s note cards was a question. We discussed our families, favorite music, and hobbies all without saying a word. I’m sure if anyone had been watching us they would have assumed we were either deaf or crazy, but I didn’t care at all and neither did Ollie.

From our silent conversation I gathered that Ollie was not close to his family. On our first date, Ollie hinted at the fact he had dealt with abuse growing up. When someone originates from a nuclear family, I find it very difficult to explain why I have chosen to cut ties from both of my parents. So in that moment, I was put to ease believing Ollie would not judge me for my familial dysfunction.

Our entrees were brought out and we began talking. We clarified things we were not sure of during our voiceless discussion. We also already promised each other plans for a third date.

After dinner we walked to a nearby ice cream parlor. Ollie had planned for us to walk around and just talk but since it was still raining and chilly we decided to go see another movie instead.

As he dropped me off at my car that night he jokingly made a reference to how I was “keeping it close to the chest.” I hadn’t realized I was staying guarded, but Ollie had noticed. He kissed me goodnight and once again I was light headed. I just couldn’t think straight when his lips met mine. I suddenly felt over heated. I said goodbye, jumped out of his passenger seat and into my driver seat as fast as possible.

Ollie would make mention later of how he found my awkward goodbye adorable. …but in all honesty…Ollie was the adorable one. He was intelligent, and funny. He was definitely too cool for me…and I was smitten.

Would I be able to open up to Ollie? Could Ollie be my reward after swimming through treacherous waters for so long? A girl can only dream…












17 thoughts on “My Most Favorite Date….

  1. I wouldn’t blame the catfish on having your guard up on this guy! Social experimentation on a second date certainly is a bit strange. Especially coupled with a comment about your guard being up. Hopefully he isn’t trying to work himself into a position of control over you, because that would not be cool!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Definitely bonus points. The first date wasn’t my favorite of first dates…but the second one won the overall prize. Also…I like that you also use bonus points to calculate things. Good Job. 🙂


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