From August 2013 to August 2014 there have been Seventeen First Dates

Seventeen outfits picked out accordingly

Seventeen pairs of shoes carefully chosen

Seventeen glances at my bank account to check the balance in case he made me pay

Seventeen prayers sent up into the clouds requesting that the person I was about to meet would NOT turn out to be a serial killer

Seventeen Hellos

Seventeen drinks shared with a complete stranger

Seventeen explanations of what I do for a living

Seventeen voices I listened to

Seventeen backgrounds I inquired about

Seventeen reasons to “call it a night”

Seventeen Goodbyes

Seventeen drives home

Seventeen responses to Kristyn’s “How did it go?”

Seventeen face washes

Seventeen changes into pajamas

Seventeen phone numbers I would soon discard

Seventeen disappointments because I knew, deep down, in my heart of hearts, he was NOT my soul-mate

Seventeen men and One Catfish

…take a wild guess on which one I miss the most

Here we are with #18 already over with–and no soul-mate in sight

Dear Love Gods,

Who’s next? …Bring it on




28 thoughts on “Seventeen

  1. Personally, when I approached dating as specifically searching for a special someone, it tended to not go well at all. When I gave up that approach and started focusing on building friendships, that’s when positive momentum started to happen and I ended up connecting with a special someone.

    It’s like the saying goes, it happens when you aren’t looking/least expect it.

    And if you want to build a successful, long-lasting relationship, you need to lay down a solid foundation. If you build on attraction, you’re building on sloppy ground. Attraction is always moving and changing. If you build on friendship, chances are you are on a much stronger footing.

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  2. What Jason Shaw said. There is however a fine line between creating friendships and getting ‘friend-zoned’ (i hate that term) ….most of the time end up in the latter, and its not from being a doormat (ive seen guys act like this and I only wish I could tell them).

    I have however met quite a few women who were all ‘we are gonna be besties forever!’ and talk every other day, hang out on weekends and once a man comes along sweeps them off their feet poof….I never hear from them again.

    I need to get better at recognizing when Im ‘filler material’ boosting some girls ego, or someone whos really intent on building a genuine friendship….and Ill give you a hint, the latter is EXTREMELY rare. I think I have two or three ‘ride or die’ women in my entire life…the rest where flakes lol


    • I feel like we all do this at some point though really. We all need the occasional “filler.” That doesn’t make using someone right, but I feel as though it’s a common experience between almost everyone.

      “Ride or die” people are hard to find in general. I only have two in my life who I know I could call at 3am just because. Those are the people who are important no.matter.what.


      • I guess Im the odd one out…if a girl is available and im somewhat attracted Ill go after it. But i dont go looking for the opposite sex to make me feel wanted while im single…


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