What (Most) Women Want

After reading Paul Thomas Bell‘s post on what a man in his late 20’s THINKS women want…I decided to take it upon myself and explain what women ACTUALLY want. Now granted his post “What Women Want” was funny and sarcastic, but I thought I’d make mine a little more serious with a bit of Jblondie flavor. 🙂

So here we go…let’s fall down the rabbit hole and into the mind of a vertically challenged 27 year old blonde. (Are you scared yet? …you should be)

We want…

1. To have sex… to be fucked…and to make love. We WANT it ALL. We don’t always need to cum to enjoy it, and we like being naughty so teach us something we don’t know. We’ll be putty in your hands. Lick us…lick us every chance you get. Make sure you know what you’re doing (if you don’t ask us) and then make us melt.


2. You to embrace EVERY inch of our bodies. Find something specific on us that most men wouldn’t compliment and then choose to adore it. Tell us we’re beautiful, hot, pretty, adorable, cute…and mean it. Every.Single.Time. We want to love our bodies…and we want you to love them too. Slap our butts, grab our breasts and tell us you would NOT change one fucking thing about us.


3. To be Valued. We want you to ASK for our opinion on things. We have a brain and we like to use it. Asking us about world events, books, television etc. shows you’re interested in all we have to offer, not just our boobs.

4. To be challenged. Don’t give us everything we want (I know, ironic right?) We don’t want you to agree with us 24/7…talk about snooze fest! Disagree with us, make us think. Question our stance on a few issues, and you’ll immediately have our interest. Define that fine line between chasing and being chased…stay there.

5. To be Danced with. And I don’t mean in Da Club grinding up on us. NO. We want you to ASK us to dance. You might be an awful dancer. WE might be an awful dancer…but none of that matters. Ask us to dance right before we go to bed…in the dark. Hold her while you both sway back and forth to the song. Kiss us softly, tell us how beautiful we are, and then lightly graze your fingers down our side. It’s something we want and may not even know it. Oh! And ALWAYS ask us to dance at weddings. It’s a requirement.


6. FUN! If you’re a couch potato you’re going to bore us. Women need excitement. We love when men have their own hobbies and can teach us new things. Take us to a football game but make sure we know the rules. Show us why you love cars so much because we want to love them too. It doesn’t matter how weird your hobby is…we’re going to be interested if we’re interested in you.

7. Intensity. When we are together it’s YOU and ME. No one else matters. Sure we could be out with a group of friends, but women still need those personal glances. We still want you to whisper in our ear telling us how you can’t wait to get us home and rip off our clothes. We want to have our friends and you should have yours, but at the end of the day help us realize that it’s just us…and you’re more than ok with that. In fact, “just us” is exactly what you want.


8. Genuine Love. We ask you to love us on our good days, our bad days, and those truly insecure moments. You don’t need to be overly affectionate, but we need to know what you’re thinking. We ask you to love our random ideas, our snoring habits, and yes…our bed head. Love us while you can’t stand us in that moment. Love us when we’re sick and can’t stop complaining. And when you start to question if we still love you…talk to us, but love us anyway.



Ladies I’m sure I have forgotten some things so feel free to leave them below. And Gents? …take notes.






35 thoughts on “What (Most) Women Want

  1. uh huh… yeah… got that… never missed that… so into that… now all I need is a girlfriend who likes it.
    Ooh I had my share of boring yeah farmers daughters ain’t so naughty as we think LOL
    But true more lots more foreplay, fuck hell I love it.

    Great and fun read

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  3. Reblogged this on Being a Beautiful Mess and commented:
    I wish more men understood these things. She’s absolutely right that we want it all! And if there’s something our man is interested in, so are we because we care about him and what makes him excited. There’s not a single thing I disagree with here.

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  4. So glad you followed me, because your posts are freakin awesome!!!! Really, really liked this one in particular. It put somethings in perspective for me (as far as my relationship), and really made me feel okay about the things I want as a woman. I appreciate this post so much!!

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  5. I would add one more thing – listen to us and hear what we say. Sometimes we need to talk about things – not for you tell us what to do – and have time to help get it straight in our minds. Don’t dismiss us as not having anything interesting or important to say. After all, we listen to you – we just want it to be reciprocated. Men go into their caves to figure it out, women talk to each other to help it become clear – how cool ti have the man we love understand it.

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  6. If Mrs. WC was to chime in (perhaps she will), she would endorse me on this. I would give myself an 80% effectiveness on achieving your eight points, effectively. Most of that requires little thought. My wife motivates my soul to be this way to her. Just being near her or next to her makes my heart leap!

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  7. Wonderful post. With respect to #4, I remember I woman I dated who said, more than once, that “I made her think.” Eventually she thought she needed another boyfriend! Some men need a detailed instruction manual. The licking, on the other hand, sounds like a child could do it. But no, I don’t think you are talking about children! Again, terrific writing.

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    • No I am NOT talking about children. Haha! I’m so honored you read it–thanks Doc 😉 Feel free to stop by any time. I’ve been following your blog for a while and love it!


  8. lol…I love it…
    A point that kills me…and I see it in soooooo many relationships…learn what we think is romantic, not what general society tells you is!!! But even beyond that is sharing something romantic that you want to do, not that you are doing just because you think it is the mo on what you should be doing…think outside the box, share an experience that lights you up because when I see it in your eyes…whether I actually entirely enjoy it or not…to me, that blows me away.

    the key…imo…just because we are in a relationship and it is growing and evolving into more every day, it doesn’t mean I don’t want to be treated like it is our first date now and then,


  9. aaahhh this needs to be read by everyone, everywhere! i wholehartedly agree with EVERY one of your points. so well written. funny and soooo true. thanks for posting


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