A Freak Unleashed…?

He had told me to walk-in and sit on his face. But let’s be real…I’m way too awkward for that. As I stumbled up the entrance steps to his living room the house was silent. All of the lights were off forcing me to use the moon as a nightlight. There he was asleep on his couch. He was so fucking handsome and he had absolutely no idea.

I felt a rush of excitement and I couldn’t help but let out a muffled giggle. He woke up, and said hello. I walked over, and began kissing him. My fingers wrapped around his neck and sooner rather than later my clothes were off, and his pants were undone.

While I had my mouth wrapped around him moving up and down, he tasted me side to side. He pressed his tongue hard against my spot forcing sound from my throat. I was highly surprised at his ability to find it so quickly. Burying his face into me he moaned, and the more he moaned the wetter I became.

After what seemed like forever I flipped my body so we would once again be face to face and slid him inside of me. Holy Fuck…

Slowly working my way up into a straddle position I kissed his torso pressing my lips hard against his skin, and as I slowly began to roll my hips I could tell he didn’t like me having control. We hadn’t talked about favorite positions, but it was clear now that he was use to dominating during sex. Girl on top was not his style.

Before I could think though he sat up, forcefully grabbed my ass stopping my hips, and commanded “stand up.”

A grin crossed my face as I stood and thought to myself “yes sir!”

Without further direction I got on all fours atop his Ottoman. He stood behind me, smacked my ass and suddenly I realized what a “good kind of pain” could mean.

I started rolling my hips up and down while backing up into him. When he let out a low groan I figured he was enjoying himself, which made me speed up my pace.

I love when men can ‘let go,’ during sex. There is a moment when all of you stop thinking and start doing what comes naturally to your body. A specific look comes across your face of pure relaxation combined with excitement. That look is one of my most favorite things in the whole wide world.

…And as I turned my head to look back I saw his expression. Mission accomplished.

But then the atmosphere changed. Suddenly he placed his hands on my hips and took back the control. He began pounding hard into me. Harder than I’d ever felt. Because of his size the pain level began to rise and I could feel myself surrendering to him. It was almost excruciating. He was filling all of me and yet I knew he wasn’t even all of the way in.

My body no longer belonged to me. It was his. With every thrust I let out a loud scream but he refused to slow his pace. I found myself conflicted. I wanted more of him…but why did it have to hurt so badly? The faster his dick moved, the more my body crippled. I had never been more turned on.

He slid me off of the Ottoman onto the floor softly placing me on my back.

He looked me in the eyes and I’ll tell you his irises appeared to be black. All of the warm, brown color had been washed away and it was as if he was staring through me. I attempted to close my eyes and relish how big he was and how good he felt but I couldn’t. Even kissing our eyes remained opened. We didn’t want to lose each other. We wanted to be stuck together. It was magnetic.tumblr_n2el9lLsUH1sq8gvyo1_400

“Hi.” I softly whispered.

He gave me a grin that I’m sure he’s given every girl he’s been with…but in that moment it was mine. That smile was for me and his black eyes were taking in my body, not anyone else’s. Once again I was finding myself lost in a man.

“Hi.” He responded back.

The moment of sweetness was short lived though, and he resumed his relentless pounding. I could feel myself tearing apart at the seams but I didn’t care. Should I ask him to stop? Should I tell him I’m not going to cum like this because rather than hitting my g-spot he’s bruising my cervix?

No. No I don’t want to. I like this…

My legs completely surrounding him, my arms wrapped around his back with my head buried into his shoulder, his movements became harder forcing me to continue with my occasional screams. He was deliberate with everything he did and he would be seeing my nails marks on his skin the next day.

Pulling out of me he made the loudest cum sound I’ve ever heard. It was delicious. The loud, deep groan was surprising to me and yet it made me want to record him so that I could listen to it over and over again. As he finished I licked the top of his dick in order to not miss anything he was willing to give me.

The smile crossing his face at that moment was one of appreciation and approval.

While lying there on his living room carpet my thoughts began to race…(per usual)

I was sore.

Really sore.

I hadn’t cum.

Is that bad? …no because it was still hot as hell.

That was…intense.

What a Rush! …I felt wanted and used, precious and abused, all wrapped up in a ball of sweat.

And as I nuzzled my head into his chest with his arm wrapped around me I felt….safe.

The next morning I drove home and I could feel that my body was somewhat broken. The rawness was even more apparent now than it had been last night. But as I undressed for the shower that morning I couldn’t help but smile at myself in the mirror. The Mad Hatter had just taught me something invaluable.

…I liked pain. A lot. And I wanted more of it…all of it.

Would there be opportunities for exploration into this new world I had been accidentally introduced to?

I hoped so….



28 thoughts on “A Freak Unleashed…?

  1. Being on the male end of this scenario can be terrifying. Do you have any idea what happens when you ACCIDENTALLY unleash the freak?

    I am not a naturally dominating guy, but my wife loves it. You wouldn’t believe the thoughts that went through my head in the beginning. “What? You want me to tie you up and spank you with a belt AGAIN?”

    I tell you, it was torture. Now, she sometimes smirks and says, “I think you enjoy this more than I do.”

    “Who, me? I’m just doing my duty, ma’am.”

    Liked by 2 people

      • Oh, if you only knew. Some of the kinky shit you women crave scares us (reformed) nice guys to the core! We just keep waiting for it to go horribly wrong, then we will feel like dicks and never get laid again.

        Now, I will admit I have developed quite the back hand….(to the ass only of course, don’t want to imply any domestic violence)

        Liked by 1 person

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